An exciting quest for a long life

Nicklas Brendborg presents a fascinating introduction to science's long battle against ageing. How to lead our lives if we want to stop the biological clock?


How to live longer

Based on his best-selling book Jellyfish Age Backwards: Nature's Secrets to Longevity, Nicklas Brendborg presents science's answer to a long life. The quest for long life used to be a specialty of quacks and adventurers. Today science has replaced magic and religion and we have never been closer to cracking the code to a long and healthy life then today. But what does science have to say about anti-ageing? What works and what certainly does not? And what can we do ourselves?

Trying to find the answers, Nicklas Brendborg takes us on an exciting trip through the most remote places on Earth to the most hi-tech of labs. On our way we will meet zombie cells, jellyfish ageing backwards as well as mad and brilliant scientists. We will learn why it is a good idea to use dental floss and to donate blood if you want to live a long life and why it is more dangerous to be lonely than to smoke and drink alcohol.

Engaging and fascinating presentation.

Finn Bjørn Johansson

Astellas Pharma

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